Our Footwear History
Footwear is how our retail journey began. Sheppard Shoes was opened in 1931, with the promise of providing quality products and expert service. Sheppard's became well know and highly respected for delivering on that promise time and time again. This consistent commitment sparked a passion for high quality merchandise and the utmost in customer satisfaction, which still holds true today. Sheppard Shoes carried this commitment for 70 years, serving as one of the longest retailers in Vancouver history. In the early 2000's, Sheppard Shoes gave way to Sheppard's Direct, which brought a new way of delivering the same quality product and service to our many loyal clients.

The retail industry has evolved over the years from small independent stores to gigantic big box outlets, national chains and strip malls. Thankfully, and not coincidentally, informed consumers are seeking out small, independent stores once again. They are benefiting from knowledgeable service and quality merchandise, instead of sifting through mass-produced, mass-marketed product with no help in sight. Just as the retail industry has come full circle, so to has our journey.

We are excited to have evolved into Andy Trott Kerrisdale Menswear. Our unwavering commitment to you, our loyal clientele, is the same as it has always been - bringing together the highest quality merchandise with thoughtful customer service. We offer an extensive collection of clothing, accessories and footwear for the discerning gentleman who enjoys quality products and tasteful style.

From Sheppard Shoes, to Sheppard's Direct, to Andy Trott Kerrisdale Menswear, two things have remained the same; our passion for quality and happy, satisfied customers!

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