Our Barbour clothing collection is ideal for Vancouver weather!  Includes Barbour jackets, sweaters, vests, scarves, hats and more.
What you'll need:
Cold water
Barbour Thornproof Dressing
Pot of hot water
Clean Rag
Hair Dryer

Wipe down your Barbour jacket with cold water and a sponge. Open the can of Barbour Thornproof Dressing and place in a pot of very hot water until the wax has softened. Using a clean rag, spread the wax over the body of the jacket. Work slow and steady, pay extra attention to the seams, and avoid getting wax on the corduroy and fabric lining. Use a hair dryer to even out the finish. Let your Barbour jacket hang overnight to dry.

Never machine wash or machine dry your Barbour jacket as this may remove the wax coating permanently. Dry cleaning is not recommended for the same reason.
Care for your Barbour jacket
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